First Appointment

If this is your first visit to our Primary care, please read through to understand what to  expect, and what to bring along, on your appointment. At Center for physician Transitional Care Medicine, we want to make your stay efficient.  

First Appointment Checklist (docx)


New Patient Form - English

Please download and fill this form and take it with you on your first appointment

New Patient Forms English (docx)


New Patient Form - Spanish

New patient forms SPANISH (docx)


Medical Record Request

Please fill this Medical Record Request  form and give it to our front office so we can request your previous medical records to be sent to us. Please fill one form for each doctor that you visit. 

Medical Record Request from Previous Office (docx)


Medication Refill

Please print and fill this form every-time you come to visit us.  Write the names of all the medications that you are out of or are low.  We will refill the medications at the time of your visit.  

Medication Refill Form (docx)


Notice of Privacy Practice and Patient Rights

Please read carefully

Notice of Privacy Practice and Health Information (docx)


Patient Rights and Responsibilities (docx)